The high-tech street horticultural community carried out practical activities under the theme of "promoting residents' convention to build a civilized home"

来源:   时间: 2023-10-11 15:51

  In order to create a united, mutual assistance, civilized and harmonious neighborhood atmosphere, further improve the civilization of residents, create a warm and comfortable community environment, achieve self-education, self-management, self-service, and standardize the daily behavior of residents, recently, the high-tech street gardening community passed the "online.+In the way of combining "offline", we carried out practical activities under the theme of "publicizing the residents' Convention and building a civilized home"。

  In the activity, through the "residents' Convention Symposium", the "residents' Convention" is posted in the community,LEDScreen propaganda, the wall of the community civilization convention display board and other ways to create a strong publicity atmosphere, promote healthy and civilized behavior habits。The staff will explain the relevant contents of the residents' civilization Convention to everyone and help residents understand the code of conduct and the convention。At the same time, the community grid staff pushed the Residents' Convention to each grid convenience service wechat group, calling on residents to internalize the convention in their hearts and externalize it in their actions。

  With the community as the point, party members first publicize and take the lead in implementing。Through in-service party members and grid members to visit the house, to "own" as the center, radiate the surrounding neighbors, surrounding shops, take the initiative to publicize the "Horticultural community Residents Convention", and encourage uncivilized behavior such as littering cigarette butts and spitting。To achieve the good effect of household propaganda, unity of thought and consistency。

  We will guide residents to conduct self-management, self-service, self-education and self-supervision by observing the residents' Convention, raise their awareness and participation rate, develop the habit and consciousness of voluntarily observing the Residents' Convention, abandon uncivilized behaviors, and jointly build a new fashion of civilization。